It’s of no surprise to anyone that crypto twitter (ct) is a critically important awareness and community growth platform for most of DeFi and web3.0. A big challenge for every protocol is growing a twitter reach and a following that showcases the core value propositions in an authentic and cost effective manner, and Notional is no exception.

We are able to push out important information to our existing audience via the Notional twitter account and occasionally through paid marketing campaigns/partners, however, we’d like to reach new potential users even faster. In an effort to accomplish this goal, we are launching the Notable Impressions program where anyone can become a publisher brand / micro-influencer, paid via Notional’s community growth wallet. We drew a lot of inspiration from Index Coop that pioneered this type of program.

Program Goals:

a) Support Twitter follower growth/engagement

b) Help surface potential future PT/FT growth leads.

c) Increase reach of important narratives and drive followers for the Notional brand

Program Details

Current Narratives to Support:

Why are fixed rates important, who do they help?

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